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Klipp från nätet...

HomePosted by Mikael Vesala Thu, August 30, 2012 15:17:10

Hittade lite kommentarer på nätet om Cheetah:n som jag inte kunde låta bli att klistra in här... tydligen är det en Code-sero som fattas mig....

Sailing anarchy:

There were about a dozen built. The Prototype (which I own) was built by New England Boat works in Portsmouth RI. The other's were built by Corsair (as in trimaran) in CA. Since mine was built a little heavier (400 to 500lbs more???) and sturdier the rating is 102 in Long Island Sound (compared to the other Cheetah at 81).

Bob Ames designed the boat and a marketing guy in greenwich wanted to sell the boat all set up with sails, engine, instruments....delivered for $40k. Was going to be the next OD class but was impossible to do so the boat died out. I have $18k in sails just alone so how can you deliver all that for $40k...can't do it.


Sorry but you are very mistaken. The boat is actually 28' long (plus 2' for sprit) and 27' on the water. In 12 or more the boat will sail to it's rating upwind and down NO PROBLEM!!! You will need 4 competent crew on the boat. 15 to 20 you'll need 5 crew on the rail upwind and you better hold on downwind, very fast and untouchable. Now in 10 or under with the non overlapping jib is where the boat is tuff to sail to the rating and is the Achille heel of the boat
(need to have 135%) up wind. I put a brand new North 3DL Main with Grand Prix Roach (remember no backstay) looks like an IACC....anything off the wind in ANY wind the boat will sail to it's rating. I bought a Code Zero with a Facnor continuous roler furler (control from cockpit...sweeet) has it's own dedicated spectra/technora stripped halyard with it's own tack line w/Jalaska shackle with own tapered spin sheet w/equip lite shackle, own dedicated lewmar line clutch, lopez blocks to control twing line from windward side in cockpit. With Code Zero up in anything under 10 able to sail upwind to 40 apparent and I can beat 40 footers...on any reach the boat flys with code zero. Can go from Big A-Sym (1100 sq ft...brand new North airex 600 this year) to Jib or Code Zero or any combination with no for buoy racing.

The Cheetah loves wind and thrives in it, planes in 14...I've had it going 18 on the GPS for a long period and was rock solid steady. I've raced in some pretty decent waves in some breeze. No you are not going to do the Transpac or Burmuda but if you want a go fast machine pretty inexpensive than this is your ticket....

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