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Silverrudder challenge- English

KappseglingPosted by Mikael Vesala Thu, September 24, 2015 01:04:02
This is the story obout my participation in Silver Rudder Challenge 2015 .

Its a race without any kind of handicaprules, there is just 7 classes due to boatlenght, and my Cheetah 30 is actually just a little more than 28 foot long, and fits in the Keelboat Small (25,01 - 30,00 foot). Its obout beating the record of fastest time oround the isle of Fyn, Danmark, singelhanded.

The racecourse is 134 nautic mile long and last year it took me 39 hours to get oround due to weak wind.

This year it was better. The forecast predicted 20 nots of Sv wind and 30 in gusts.

It started in Svendborgsund kanal, and after 40 min we were out on open water and it was time to hoist the genaker. Unfortenutly l chose the smallest genaker and had too change to de mediumgeaker quite soon.
Never the less l was leading the class at Storabeltbridge. Unfortenutly i blew the genaker in a gybe and it was quite messy to take it onboard and i lost some time there.
After rounding "Fyns Head" it was quite hard 7 hours beat to the sound "Lillabelt". I lost the leed here to Frans in the ESSE 850. For several hours l managed to keep the distance within 500m, but when the wind dropped i take out reef#2 too late and suddenly he was leading with over 1 Nm! Damn!
We were lucky this year and got the strong current flowing with us trough the sound. Some year in week wind boats are forced to anker here not to drag backwords...
The southvest part of Fyn. The wind has now dropped to Sv 10 knots . The only part of the race were the boat was as fast on autopilot and got som rest leaning my head for a while.

The race has now been going on for more than 18 hours and were in for the homestretch. I have hunted my rival Franz Schollmayer in the ESSE 850 since Middelfart, but now his navigationlight slowly come closer.
Its three o´clock in the night and its as dark as it could bee. I realise that i got to hoist the code-Zero if l´m coing to go past him. Unfortenutly it is folded behind the jib on deck, so il have to furl in the jib before hoist. Ok on with it! i let the sheet of and furl in the jib as fast as l could. l light my headlamp and take some quick step forward and untie the code, take a quick check if the halyard is ok, and jump back and hoist as fast as i can, grab the sheet and trim it in and the boat pick up speed again.
Slowly i gain on him , byt suddenly he seems to get som truble and looses speed and i pass him. at that moment i´m so close that i can hear him prepair the hoist of a genaker. Damn, i look up at my Windex, it allready pointing high...
l can see the shadow of his boat swing back and forth and suddenly he looses it and broach.
Viciously i hope that he wont make it, but Frans is more skilled than that, and to my dissapointment he fell of a degree ore two and begin to pass me...

I look up at my windex again. I have allready 70 degree windangle, and all my experience says that i wont make it even whith my smallest genaker.

I decide to wait to next corner before i hoist.
I light my headlamp again and start to move tack, halyard, and sheet to leeward. The autopilot steer badly, and in the gusts its close to loos the grip when i´m hangin to leeward trying to prepair ...

When its time to hoist i realise that l have choose wrong genaker, and have to change to my big 92m2 genaker. When im ready, l furl in the Code, and jump up on deck and pull the tack forward, and the mainpart of the sail, than jump back and hoist as fast as l can, than pull tha tackline, and than grab the sheet to avoid messing things up, turn of the autopilot and grabb the tiller. it filling and of we go...
Damn so dark it is! And the sound is wery narrow with shallow water on the sides. Big buoys sneak oround in the dark as dangerous ghosts.

The first gybes runs smoodly but the adrenalin is high.. l closing in on him and l start to belive that l could make it!!

Heading for the left and trying to look out for a buoy that i expect on my left, but suddenly it is on my right.... O, my... time to gybe!! Grab the sheet and pull all l can, but suddenly its stop?? For some reason i have managed to make an absolutly fantastic messup on the sheet, so l can hardly gybe! l desperatly try too fix it but failed. The bridge is coming up and Franz heading for the right side to gybe and pass the bridge.

l go after him, but misses a little and have to gybe right under the bridge in the middle of the strong current running against me. Fore a while it goes wery slow but it fills and l manage it through...

Unfortenutly Franz is closer to finish than to me so i realize that it is over...

A weak signal declare him over the finishline and the trofé is his.
My mind boggles when I think about it, my thaugths flying oround like in empty space.. Wy didnt l try to fly my genaker when he did, what did l have too loose? l whanted that trofé so badly....
I thaugt l was worth it, or maybe not...

Franz was first and deserved it. He sailed very well all the race and managed to fly his genaker when i did not. l lift my hat and bow, congratulations Franz!

But it feels terrible to loose with 100m on a 134 Nm long race...

Anyway, tanks everybody for a fanastic race, both sailors and organizer, This race is badly addictive....

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Posted by Lars Wed, September 30, 2015 19:35:19

Great to read about the race from your point of view! And bad luck but you can try again next year! I was in the race too and finished at 7 in the morning. I´ve done quite a few races in my sailing life so far but this was definitely one of the best. Hope to come back next year! cheers!

Posted by Lars Wed, September 30, 2015 19:35:06

Great to read about the race from your point of view! And bad luck but you can try again next year! I was in the race too and finished at 7 in the morning. I´ve done quite a few races in my sailing life so far but this was definitely one of the best. Hope to come back next year! cheers!