Kappseglingar 2016

Big boat race 27-29/
11/6 Lysekils race
Bohusracet 30/6-3/7
Leröy smögen race 9 juli
Väderöarna runt 16 Juli
Grebbestadsregattan 17 juli
Hermanö runt 6 aug
Tjörn runt 20 aug
Uddevallaregattan 27 aug
Robline skagen race 2-4 sept
Sölvroret fyn 23-25 sept

An era is over

HomePosted by Mikael Vesala Wed, December 19, 2018 22:25:19
Then it has happend.
My beloved Cheetah 30 is sold. The boat wich have give me such a joy and so many adventures have find a new owner.

For me my Cheetah has become soo much more than just a boat or somthing to race whit.
She has been whith me on a fantastic journey, were i have been able to test my ideas in engineering and in some way yachtdesign, it has been my hobbie at winter, rebuilding some crucial part of the boat almost every winter. And its always the same exitement when the sping comes and its time to test if it was a hit or not.
She has also give me so many awsome moments, and i never get tierd on pushing the limit downwind. I cant count how many exeried sailors suddenly becom silenced and amazed when the boat accelerate downwind and reach speed obove 15 and sometime 20 knot.

Throughout the year with Cheetah, l also got to learn so many nice sailors wich i never had got to know otherwise.

She has also give me som relaxing days on holidaysailing to Denmark and up and down the westcoast so many times. Unforgettable.

But now it has come to the end.
Since i baught the Pauger 30 it has been obvious that its just to much to handle two demanding ladies, and now it time to focus on the black beauty from Hungary.

Unfortanutly nobody in sweden was intrested enogh to buy her. Sad because i really think the westcoast need more exiting boats.
She is going to go on with new adventures in Norway, and i wish the new owner good luck, and hope she give hime and his family many awsome adventures!

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